The Holy Ghost Missionaries came to Bura in 1882 from France. As soon as they arrived, they started helping people in different ways; they taught religion, treated the sick and started orphanage for boys. These boys were taught different skills especially masonry and carpentry.

In 1909, Precious Blood Sisters came to Bura to help the priests in the work of evangelization. In the course of their work they opened a girl’s school, build a dispensary and other departments such as Home Science and orphanage for girls. The orphans who were admitted were infants. The first orphan to be admitted was premature, whose mother had died in child birth. The girls who were big enough were taught sewing, cooking, laundry, and house wifery as well as child care. These girls stayed in the orphanage till they were ready to marry or join sisterhood.

In 1928, Kenyan girls came to Bura to join sisterhood and they were taught the work of caring for the orphans. These Kenyan girls became the first sisters of the congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. After some time the sisters of St. Joseph became independent and took over the orphanage and combined the girls and boys to form the present St. Joseph Children’s Home.

Currently we admit children orphaned during childbirth, those taken from streets as well as children from broken marriages. We also admit girls who run away from early marriages. These girls are taken to school.

We sisters of St. Joseph are happy to continue with the work started by early missionaries. We admit children not only from the locality but also from different parts of the country for example Kisumu, Kiambu, Kwale, Machakos, Kilifi, etc. Some of these children stay in the home until they are adults and can take care of themselves. Others are taken in by relatives while others are given for adoption. Presently, we have 26 children aged between 8 months and 16 years. We have 16 boys and 10 girls.

The following are some of the successes we have had since the home was started

  • Through the home, the Sisters helped in the formation of many children who have gone on to become responsible citizens. 
  • Some of the children raised up here started families of their own and we have witnessed the fruits of priests and sisters from parents whom we brought up. It is a great joy for the Sisters to see the glory of God in the lives of the people they so carefully nurtured. 
  • Some of those raised up by Sisters hold prominent positions in the society and are themselves role models for many young people 
  • We have promising children in Primary and Secondary Schools and also in vocational training

Some of the problems faced by the management are as follows:

Your charitable donation towards our children in the home will be highly appreciated.

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    December 29, 2022 Sr. Jacqueline Muchuma

    Religious sisters , brothers  from different congregations , priests and the archbishop Martin kivuva together unit to celebrate aosk at 60.......! Glory to God . 

  • Fare thee well Sr Petronila Warue Ndegwa

    December 21, 2022 Edgar Lisutsa

     THE HISTORY OF SR. PETRONILLA WARUE –SSJ MOMBASA 1. Home Background:- Sr. Petronilla Warue was born on 20th march 1943 at kyeni,Runyenjes Location , Embu county in Kenya . She is the first born child out of seven from the family of the late Thaddeus Mughocho and late Eusebia Ronje.Sr. Petronila was baptized on 28th march 1943 and was confirmed on 17, Oct, 1954 at Sacred heart Kyeni Parish. 2. Education:- Sr .Petronilla Studied at sacred heart intermediate school in kyeni , Embu where She sat for her KPE (Kenya Preliminary Examination )in 1965. She proceeded to secondary education at Star of the Sea -Mombasa in 1966 – (1971 east Africa certificate of education). 3. Call to Religious life:- Sr. Petronila joined the Sisters of St .Joseph of Mombasa in 1965. She was called by her baptismal name (CAROLINA). She joined Postulant state at Bura on 14, Feb, 1965 and later joined novitiate on 6th Jan 1966.On January, 6th 1968, Sr. Petronilla made her first vows and on 15th august 1977 she took her final vows to serve God forever. She celebrated her SILVER JUBILEE as a religious on 15 august 1993 and her GOLDEN JUBILEE on 15 August 2018. 4. Apostolate Sr. Petronila was send to study at Consolata Nursing school –Nyeri; in a little while after making her first vows in 1968. She pursued for nursing and obtained her (certificate in nursing). After completing her studies she started serving as a nurse thus witnessing Christ in aiding the sick. Sr. Petronilla served in the following facilities as a nurse:- • Kichakasimba Dispensary • Eldoro Dispensary • St. Theresa Eastleigh Dispensary • Giriama Dispensary • Mivumoni Dispensary • Bura Dispensary • Chumvini Dispensary & LungaLunga Dispensary. 5. Character Sr. Petroilla was Humble, Hardworking, Social & prayerful. 6. Illness Sr. Petroilla started ailing in 2017 .She was diagnosed with appendix related problem at Mombasa Hospital. On 14th Dec 2022 she underwent some dialysis at shelter of hope Hospital-Voi and finally at around mid-day The Lord called her to His Heavenly Glory. May the soul of our beloved Sr Petronilla Rest in Eternal peace Amen.   

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    Fare thee well Sr Petronila Warue Ndegwa







  • First Professions, Perpetual Professions and Jubilee celebrations of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

    December 19, 2022 Edgar Lisutsa

    First Professions, Perpetual Professions and Jubilee celebrations of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

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