Our Vision

To become signs of God's tender love and living witnesses of Christ.

Our Mission

The Sisters of St Joseph of the catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa are called by God, chosen and consecrated to evangelize the world in simplicity, by engaging in varied apostolate that enhance holistic human development.

Our Charism

The first aim of our congregation is evangelization.

The second and distinctive aim of the institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph is to witness in Simplicity the evangelizing and Saving Mission of Christ among the people we live and interact with. We serve all God's people without discrimination.  Thus the Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Non believer, are all called to experience God's love through our service.  Schools, hospitals and social programs run by the Sisters admit all people regardless of their creed, economic status, political ideologies or social affiliation.  It is our firm belief that regardless of the differences, we are all daughters and sons of the same God.  

Our Apostolate

We are called to the service of the Church and all God's people without exception. "Tend my sheep" Our charism leads us into making known the many faces of Jesus: The Teacher, the Healer, the Prophet, the Merciful Lord, the Missionary, the Preacher.

Recognizing that every human person is made in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27), we witness this Jesus by endeavoring to work for the salvation of our brothers and sisters wherever we are.

We work where God's people mostly need us, upraising them in their spiritual and social quest. Thus the sick, children, women, youth, orphans, HIV/AIDS infected, the down trodden and marginalized all find a special place in our apostolic works.

Whether attending to the sick in the hospital, teaching in a classroom, harvesting in our farms or involved in administrative work, we do this for love of God and our neighbour in a world in need of the experience of God's love.


We promote and receive girls into our congregation from all parts of East Africa. They must be Catholics of good moral standing; they must have a desire to live religious life and be of service to humanity through their faith.  They must have completed at least the secondary education and obtained a pass in their respective countries.  Service for humanity through faith and spiritual formation is highly dependent on intellectual ability to understand and discern the will of God in our lives.  This kind of life should be a deliberate and conscious decision making process that involves the whole person.  

Spirituality and Characteristic of the Institute.

Our spirituality is rooted in the life and works of St. Joseph. Through our prayer and work we unite with, praise and glorify our Almighty God. St Joseph is our model and inspiration. In his life and work, he humbly listened to the voice of God and followed God's will.  Following his example we are obedient to God as we serve God through our needy brothers and sisters in our religious communities, in the Church and in society. Like St. Joseph our Patron, we emphasize on balancing work and prayer and leading a deliberately chosen simple life style.