Sisters of St. Joseph run a number of Schools and vocational training centers.

These include pre primary, primary and Secondary Schools, as well as a Montessori College.

Pupils of Ritaliza Primary School in Holili, Tanzania. 

We also run and administer 5 vocational centre’s where we train young people skills that enable them to be self reliant and productive members of the society. Rehabilitation centre- the congregation is involved in rescue, rehabilitate and rejoin the street children with their families. For those who do not have parents to go back to the parents are there but very poor, we educate them so that they may have a bright future.

List of Schools run by the Sisters of St Joseph

  1. St Joseph Herman Max Primary School - Mtopanga Estate
  2. St Agnes Primary School - Voi
  3. St Irene Nursery and Primary - Mikindani
  4. Star of the Sea Nursery - Mombasa
  5. St Irene Montessori College - Mikindani
  6. St Elizabeth Nursery - Ukunda
  7. St. Bernadette Nursery and Primary - Giriama
  8. Abrahams Education Centre - Kikambala
  9. Ritaliza Primary School - Moshil - Tanzania
  10. Mother Theresa Primary School, Bura
  11. St. Angelo Primary School, Ukunda
  12. St. Dominic Primary School, Malindi
  13. St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  14. St. Joseph Nursery School, Maungu
  15. St. Joseph Nursery School, Lungalunga

Secondary Schools

  • Ritaliza Secondary School , Holili - Moshi, Tanzania
  • St. Joseph Girls Secondary School, Maungu

Administration Only

  • Mt Everest Primary School - Dar es Salaam

Vocational Training

  • St. Joseph Tailoring School - Bura
  • St. Joseph Tailoring School, Star of the Sea, Mombasa
  • St Joseph tailoring School, Manzese,  Dar es Salaam